1. Tomorrow Person
2. Get off the Ghost Train
3. In the Gloaming
4. Upstream
5. Rocker's Lament
6. The Bells of St Clements
7. Dancing for Tips
8. No Room for the Dreamers
9. Indiscreet

Light on the Ledge

The latest album of original songs by Julie.

A beautiful and haunting collection of song vignettes, with arrangements for string quartet by Harvey Brough.

Recorded at The Premises, Hackney, London. Produced by Harvey Brough.

Featuring Andy Hamill, Josh Kemp, Harvey Brough, Fennella Barton, Eleanor Stanford, Vincent Sipprell, Adrian Bradbury.

Artwork by Nina Mankin.


1. Nobody's Farm
2. All About You
3. Eric Marlow
4. Carousel
5. It Just So Happens
6. The Experts
7. Summer Weather in my Heart
8. Nine Years Old
9. Mount Vesuvius
9. Angel Song
10. What a Woman Shouldn't Do

What A Woman Shouldn’t Do

Shrewd Records 2008

Julie’s first album of original songs. Recorded at Cowshed Studio, London. Produced by Joe Leach.

Featuring Nigel Price, Simon Little, Mark Fletcher, Rob Gentry, Kat Arney, Sam Chaplin, Steve Rubie, Joe Leach, Nicki Hutchins.

Photography by Steph Dray.


1. People Get Ready
2. Call of the City
3. Invitation to the Blues
4. Sea Fever
5. Straighten up and Fly Right
6. Scars
7. Carioca
8. Ode to Billie Joe
9. Something Cool
10. Pack Your Suitcase Blues

Live at the Lot, Edinburgh

Julie’s Edinburgh Fringe show, 2005, recorded at The Lot, Grassmarket, Edinburgh.

Featuring Matt Dungey, Spencer Brown, Ben Reynolds.